Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Modern B2B Marketing: Lead Scoring Best Practices



Modern B2B Marketing:

Lead Scoring Best Practices


Dear Stephen,

Improving Lead Scoring
is the focus this week in the Modern B2B Marketing best practices series. BtoB, the magazine for marketing strategists, asked the following question in their recent Lead Generation Guide:

How does one best track lead behavior to achieve the best results in an e-marketing campaign?

In his answer, Marketo's VP of Marketing Jon Miller delves into how to develop more accurate and actionable lead scores including:

  • Understand where demographic data and BANT criteria fall short.
  • Track and score a lead's behavior so you can measure their interest and engagement in your solution.
  • Measure total level of engagement for an organization.
  • Develop "fast tracks" — specific behavior paths that indicate a lead should be contacted immediately regardless of score.

Read the full BtoB magazine article "Behavior key when scoring online leads" now and get more insights into optimizing your lead scoring.

Happy Marketing,

Michael Hogan
Sales Development Representative, Marketo

P.S. Learn about Vindicia's success with Marketo in this case study.

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